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The concept of FOTS began as a fragrance line. In 2016, the proprietor Kim Lock and her spouse held detailed discussions surrounding the idea of a perfumery that would carry the aroma indicative of nine-character traits known as the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22).

Fast forward to March of 2022, while preparing to speak on a topic concerning life plans, a thought was impressed upon Kim to develop a journal, which would lead the journal writer to the development of a spiritual vision board, nine in total. This vision was also reflective of these same nine-character traits.

As such, the two ideas have come together, creating an aroma to invoke deeper meditation, and thought as the journal writer delves into each character trait.

You are embarking on a lifelong spiritual journey that takes time to produce the character that God requires of His children. This spiritual journal and vision board seeks to aid in development or your spiritual character.


Do you have a spiritual plan?

✅ Grab your friends

✅  Host an in-person or virtual event

✅  Get your family

✅  Host a teen event

✅  College activity

Grab your luxury room scent to set the mood for meditation, sweatshirt, or t-shirt to put your journey on full display.

We didn’t leave the men out. This journey is for everyone.

Let’s grow together!



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