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Kimberly R. Lock, affectionately called Kim, is a dynamic speaker, publisher, author, and teacher with a passion to help women heal, forgive, and find their God given purpose. Kim’s passion is fueled by her own testimony of growing up knowing who her father was but being painfully aware of his choice to not be in her life. Two things helped her become the woman she is today, despite the effects of a childhood filled with uncertainty and pain. The first thing was making the choice to dedicate her life to her first love, Jesus Christ. The second was courageously picking up her pen and writing her first book entitled, “Who You Callin’ Silly? How a silly woman becomes virtuous.” Kim found freedom in her first book and went on to author several others. She then decided to create a space that would allow others to experience the same freedom and founded KRL Publishing. To date, KRL Publishing has guided and supported many authors on the journey of turning their ideas and stories into life impacting books. Kim also has a popular online devotional and blog that can be accessed daily through her website or free app.

“I aspire to motivate and en-courage others through and by what encouraged me… the word of God!”

– Kimberly Lock

Kim is the proud wife of Pastor Marlon Lock, Senior Pastor of Unity Gospel House of Prayer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Kim has a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Information Systems, and a Master’s Degree in Telecommunication. In addition, she facilitates a forum entitled: “Talk Time w/Lady Kimberly Lock” at the church, where women discuss issues of life and how to mitigate those issues through the Word of God. Kim also launched a non-profit organization (Nanna’s Babies Inc.) in honor of her mother, which speaks to her mother’s continual message of active engagement in a child’s life and for a single parent to not allow their circumstances to dictate the future of both the parent or the child(ren). Kim and her husband are the devoted parents of 5 beautiful children.

In November 2018, Kim is expanding her ministry and life’s work by hosting her inaugural women’s conference entitled Woman 2 Woman in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Please click on the events tab of this site to learn more and make plans to join us.

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